Self-love in the
time of COVID

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Animé par: Ingrid Phaneuf

TRA, Thérapeute en Relation d'aide®

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Ingrid Phaneuf is part of the Centre de relation d’aide de Montréal team as a coach, training supervisor and facilitator. She divides her time between Montreal and Toronto, where she practices as TRA. Her meeting with CNDA and her experience as a mother of two teenagers propels her to blossom through her own limits.

Ingrid Phaneuf fait partie de l’équipe du Centre de relation d’aide de Montréal en tant que coach, superviseur en formation et animatrice. Elle partage son temps entre Montréal et Toronto, ou elle pratique comme TRA, Thérapeute en Relation d'Aide. Sa rencontre avec l'ANDC et son expérience comme mère de deux adolescents la propulse à s'épanouir à travers ses propres limites.

Self-love in the time of COVID

Learning to love yourself becomes much more important when most of your time is spent with yourself and a few close friends or family members. This is especially true in the current pandemic, as limited social interactions make distracting yourself with other people or activities more difficult.

This conference and workshop promises to introduce participants to the concept of self-love as a way of creating a better and more satisfying way of existing and connecting with others. We will examine the concept of self-love versus egotism, the importance of self-knowledge and self-acceptance and how to use self-knowledge and self-acceptance to become more loving towards ourselves and the people who are important to us.

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