How to let go:
the power of acceptance

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Animé par: Ingrid Phaneuf

TRA, Thérapeute en Relation d'aide®

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Ingrid Phaneuf is a teacher, supervisor, and coach at the Centre de relation d’aide de

Montréal . She practices as a therapist using the Creative Non-Directive Approach in both Quebec and Ontario. Her practice includes working with individuals and couples, as well as persons experiencing bereavement.

Ingrid Phaneuf fait partie de l’équipe du Centre de relation d’aide de Montréal en tant que coach, superviseur en formation et animatrice. Elle partage son temps entre Montréal et Toronto, ou elle pratique comme TRA, Thérapeute en Relation d'Aide® par l'Approche non-directive créatrice®, avec les individus, les endeuillés, et les couples.

How to let go: the power of acceptance

Letting go and accepting a situation which we cannot change is something we all hear about but rarely learn how to do. This workshop will help you discover your own obstacles to letting go and will provide you with tools to do so, through practical means.

FInd out how you can let go and make peace with yourself and with the difficult situations you are dealing with!

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